Who AM I?

about me

Hi there! My name is Tomáš Krajčovič and here is a short story about me

My journey started in January of 1999. As the years passed away, the creative spirit starts evolving inside me.I always had some kind of need to create something, making interesting things. When I was younger I wanted to create my own game, but don’t know-how. A few years later I started to search for information on the internet how to make something, it was in the middle of 2015. Then I discovered 3D software and I fell in love with it because this thing should ease the desire to create new things. To create everything I can imagine. 

My first passion was to create 3D props for games. I learned a lot from that. Second passion has come when I discovered the photorealistic renders that look like a real photo. After that, I started to create archviz and I love it. 

At these days I love to create new things like artworks or archviz for clients. From these experiences I learned a lot, now I’m available to create almost everything I can imagine in the right way and it makes me really happy because it was a hard and long way of the learning process. 

In free time I am learning new techniques in 3D, reading books, studying, photography, looking at what’s new in the 3D industry and many more.

Software skills

My Skill
Blender 92%
Substance Painter 68%
Adobe Photoshop 70%
Maya 10%
AutoCad 64%

Personal skills

Creativity 92%
My Skill
3D modeling 84%
My Skill
Sculpting 66%
My Skill
UV- unwrapping 84%
My Skill
Texturing 84%
My Skill
PBR materials 86%
My Skill
Rendering 86%
My Skill
lightning 72%
My Skill
Rigging 42%
My Skill
Animations 51%